Historic Lodge

The Historic Lodge at Dam Site Resort provides you with affordable comfort, featuring a 30-person capacity conference room, and recently renovated large private rooms with hardwood floors, antique furniture, and private baths—all connected by a covered deck and overlooking the resort area and lake.

Desert gardens around the area attract animals of all sizes. Frequent wildlife sightings include birds, deer, and even traces of a roaming mountain lion.

The Dam Site lodge is an ideal spot for corporate retreats, family gatherings, couples, and individuals.


lodge-1911Now newly remodeled as a lodge where guests may stay the night in a truly unique atmosphere, the structure originally served as the administrative and engineering office building during construction of the Elephant Butte dam in 1911.Although the lodge has been remodeled to include modern amenities, the historic quality of the site has been preserved. In addition to enjoying the the results of the meticulous preservation / restoration efforts, guests may catch a glimpse of the rich history of the area through numerous historic photographs decorating the walls of the lodge.


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